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Pro Tip: Fix your Google Account after Gmail

No sooner was the ink dry on my rant about how Google screwed me over with separate Google Apps and Google accounts than I found a (partial) fix. No, you still can’t merge the two accounts, but you can remove Gmail from your Google Account, thereby putting it back the way it was before Gmail was provisioned.

I found out about it thanks to this article, which also notes that if you add secondary email addresses to your Google Account, you can also log in with those addresses, plus Google Calendar knows to include invites sent to those addresses in your calendar. Pretty cool.

There is, however, a downside. For whatever reason, my anelson at apocryph Google account still has a separate Contacts database from my anelson at apocryph Google Apps account. This sucks because it means I can’t easily use Google Voice to dial my contacts, or Picasa to tag faces based on my contacts.

Yes, yes, I can export from my Google Apps account and import into my Google account, and I in fact have done so, but it doesn’t stay in sync.

Since my new DROID phone can sync contacts between multiple Google accounts, I thought I’d try adding another email address, anelson.goog at apocryph, to my Google account, give it that email address and my password, and see if it would then retrieve my Google account’s contacts in addition to the Google Apps account contacts which it already retrieves, but I’m afraid the functionality is just too smart, and somehow detected that anelson.goog login was the same as the anelson login and since it already logs in to anelson at apocryph it just modified the existing account settings.

This is a big improvement, but the contact sync issue is a real drag. Hopefully I can figure out a solution one way or another.

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