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Technical Difficulties

Apparently, at least one person monitors the RSS feed for apocryph.org, and thus caught me in a bit of mischief last night.

It was late, and I was nursing a double Bushmill’s on the rocks, and I thought I’d play w/ some Drupal content features, that allow you to create some content that isn’t visible to everyone, based on taxonyms (taxonomy_access in case you’re curious). Obviously, in order to test this I had to create a test page that was access restricted.

Rather than whip up a quick ‘If you see this it didn’t work’ page, I had to get creative, and reference a few inside jokes known only to my siblings. The result was a post which, taken out of context, could be regarded as evidence of profound psychosocial dysfunction. So, if your surprisingly proactive RSS reader picked that up in the 5 minutes it was available, and you read it and were horrified (or disciplined by your local Arbiters of the Acceptable Use), you’ve my apologies. And please know that I don’t really feel that way about food.

For those of you who missed it, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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