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Gmail for your domain

Earlier this year, Google announced plans to provide Gmail hosting for domains. In other words, to host email services for users’ domains, using the Gmail UI as the mail front-end.

I dutifully signed up for the limited beta test, and forgot all about it. Then, a few days ago I happened to open my gmail account and noticed a message from 19 May saying my request to host email for apocryph.org was approved! I immediately clicked the link to set up the account, and after specifying an admin user and password and approving the ToS I was in.

Immediately I created an anelson user and played around with the services provided. To my delight, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Talk are all included in the hosting package. Sweet!

I quickly found the MX records required to redirect email to Google, and made the changes in the FreeDNS control panel. The [priority]:[hostname] form of the MX records was a bit foreign to me, but I pasted them verbatim into new MX records with FreeDNS and they worked fine.

Within an hour the changes had propagated and I was receiving mail to anelson@ my domain, logged into Gmail! Needless to say I was pleased.

This was cool, but I also wanted Google Talk to work with my new hosting service. I easily located the necessary SRV records, plugged them into FreeDNS (again, verbatim), and signed into Google Talk as anelson@ my domain. Sweet!

All in all, I’m very pleased with the Gmail hosting service. I’ve already requested it for my nullpointer.net domain, so my users on that domain can benefit as well.

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